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We create exhibition stand designs for your events

Our company, TM Clever Frame, has more than 20 years of experience in stand design and construction of modular exhibition stands. Our designers and architects have created custom designs of modular exhibition structures for any business needs.

Modular exhibition stands have long ceased to exist only in the form of chronic standard sets of panels. The design of modular stands became a separate trend in the world of international exhibitions. The variety of solutions and possibilities of techniques from modular exhibition systems strikes the imagination.

modular booth systems design

Choose regular or custom modular displays

The choice of modular stand design is determined by the size you want to order. Modular stands are convenient because when you have a particular set of modular stands available, you can change its design to the extent you need at this stage.

We sell several standard sets of modular systems. In addition, each group has a certain number of accessories and main panels. Our designers have created all the possible designs of exhibition modular stands that can be assembled in each kit. Therefore, when you buy a particular set, you get a lot of creative designs for a modular booth at a single price. By choosing the design of that variant of mobile construction which suits you for a given event and at a given time, you will be able to recreate it in reality in a matter of hours.



Even if you have a small exhibition stand, with our modular systems, you can assemble an exhibition structure of a suitable design. Each modular system set contains the maximum number of different exhibition stand designs that can only be collected from a limited number of panels and elements in the collection. Dimensions of the exhibition stand up to 15 sqm.

A more extensive set of modular systems suggests the possibility of assembling a more significant number of exhibition booth designs. You will be able to choose the correct option because the more extensive set includes more different elements and panels, allowing you to build large and unique exhibition stands. Choose your exhibition stand design from the vast number or contact our sales managers for advice—dimensions up to 50 sqm.

With our modular systems, you can build a large-size exhibition stand. Modular systems allow you to implement many unique exhibition booth designs. You do not need to think about the design; our designers have already done everything for you. You will be presented with more than a hundred design options in a set of modular structures for large exhibition booths. All you have to do is give your brand at the event.

If you want a custom design option, contact us, and our designers can develop a unique design for your current needs. Modern modular systems have no limits to creating an exhibition booth—dimensions of more than 50 sqm.

What is the difference in the design of modular stands

You choose the right size for your future event; we show you all the features of the selected modular systems and all the different design options that will be available to you.

The more extensive set you choose, the more design options you can assemble for your events.
You can also rent a modular booth with a design you like if your company doesn’t frequently trade shows or other marketing events.

We recommend purchasing one of our modular system kits if you frequently organize various events. The huge variety of trade show booth designs included in each kit will help your marketing department achieve its goals of attracting visitors to your booth.
Modular stands are beautiful and modern, fast, reliable, and cost-effective.

You don’t need designers; you choose the exhibition stand design you like from the catalog, and you can admire your stand in a few hours.

Custom modular booth design

Our designers will develop a unique design for your booth. However, there are cases when you need a unique design for the construction. This is when our designers and engineers create a unique option for your business needs.

Modular systems make it easy to assemble unique designs. The decision to use modular systems to create a custom design is justified since money and time resources for assembly and disassembly of the construction are significantly saved, and you can repeatedly use the system for other activities. You can assemble small stands from this system for other intermediate events or events. Modular systems are increasingly chosen by companies building responsible businesses. Repeated use of the systems defines you as a company that cares about the environment and the community.

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The cost of modular display systems

Write your contacts, and we will contact you within 30 minutes about your project. Choose whether you prefer to buy a modular trade show booth or rent modular stands for booths.

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    The design of your exhibition stand determines your guests’ attendance at the exhibition.

    Modular Stand Design

    You don't need to pay extra for creating a design because you will already find hundreds of design options for exhibition stands with your modular stand kit.
    Want to rent a modular booth and save on trade show costs? We can help with that!

    Modular Display Rental

    Rent a modular exhibition booth with a full range of services from our company is always at your disposal. We will assemble and dismantle the modular booth by ourselves.
    Led Screen is necessary at modern international exhibitions, so use it at your event.

    Led Screen Rental

    Book a Led screen rental in our company and save yourself the headache of implementing all your design and marketing ideas at the booth.
    Exhibition management is when all the processes are correctly organized and do not give you a headache.

    Exhibition Management

    You don't need to pay extra for creating a design because you will already find hundreds of design options for exhibition stands with your modular stand kit.
    A trade show is a show. Show your guests your performance and mesmerize them with what you know how to do.

    Audio & Video Equipment rental

    Our team will offer you to rent any equipment for your event. Only you choose what kind of light and sound your exhibition booth will have.
    Bright graphics on the exhibition stand will reveal your company and attract visitors' attention.

    Exhibition Graphics

    You can order from us exhibition graphics of any quality and size, on any material. Exhibition graphics are an important element in the exhibition stand.
    If you buy a modular exhibition stand from us, you are guaranteed to be able to handle its installation yourself.

    Installation & Dismantle

    We provide additional services for the assembly and disassembly of modular exhibition stands if your modular stand is extensive or you have rented it from us.
    You bought a modular exhibition stand but did not know where to store it until the subsequent use at a trade show.

    Modular Stands Storage

    Please discuss with our sales managers the possibility of storing the modular exhibition structure purchased from us in our company warehouses until the subsequent participation in the show.
    It is obligatory to have exhibition furniture in the modular booth! Therefore, we will offer you what you need.

    Furniture Rental

    Choose the variants of exhibition furniture from our catalog or order individual custom exhibition furniture from our sales managers.

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