The corner exhibition stands

Corner exhibition stands are exhibition structures located in the corners of the exhibition space. The peculiarity of such a stand is the presence of two open sides for the free movement of visitors to the stand.

There are usually not many stands at exhibitions, so the price for them is higher than some other variants. However, the corner exhibit stands have several advantages. You can see significant traffic of visitors through them; there is room for the realization of creative ideas and the placement of bright, realistic exhibition graphics.

Most often, exhibition centers offer square or rectangular corner exhibit stands. There are no specific sizes or standards for corner stands. But usually, the corner exhibit stand size does not exceed 20 meters of the square area. In sizeable international exhibition centers, corner exhibit stands can reach impressive sizes, allowing the space above the stand to add striking elements that attract visitors’ attention, for example, LED screens.

We sell and rent modern modular systems for exhibition stands TM Clever Frame. Depending on the size of the rented space, we offer you to purchase one of the trade show display kits that will be perfect for your marketing needs at the trade show. Just take a look at what solutions you can get depending on the size of the rented space.

The corner modular systems TM Clever Frame

Modular display kits price

You can also select a suitable set of modular exhibition stands from our stock

Small Modular Booth

Small Modular Booth

  • 6x frames
  • 18x connecting elements
  • 6x graphic panel
  • 1x top 75x50cm
  • 1x trolley cover
  • 10 years guarantee
  • Discount on repeat purchases of graphics
Modular Stand 12 Frames

Modular Stand 12 Frames

  • 12x frames
  • 36x connecting elements
  • 12x graphic panel
  • 2x Upper profile
  • 4x 3-side threaded profile
  • 2x trolley cover
  • 10 years guarantee
  • Discount on repeat purchases of graphics
Exhibition Booth 18 Frames

Exhibition Booth 18 Frames

  • 18x frames
  • 52x connecting elements
  • 18x graphic panel
  • 2x upper profile
  • 4x 3-side threaded profile
  • 3x trolley cover
  • 10 years guarantee
  • Discount on repeat purchases of graphics

Please send us a message; it takes a couple of minutes. Our sales managers will find the best solution for your corner exhibition stand. We also offer corner stands rental if you plan to participate in exhibitions or try your hand at shows infrequently. We will find the best version of the modular corner booth for you and tell you how to personalize it and attract visitors to your stand.

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The cost of modular display systems

Write your contacts, and we will contact you within 30 minutes about your project. Choose whether you prefer to buy a modular trade show booth or rent modular stands for booths.

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