Modular stands and modular systems in Germany

We sell and rent modular exhibition stands in Germany. These constructions are used for the construction of exhibition stands and advertising racks for the realization of different marketing purposes of an enterprise.

We offer reliable modular systems of the Clever Frame brand. The convenience of these modular systems is that they can be easily assembled and disassembled without the involvement of outside specialists.

The system consists of lightweight aluminum frames and set blocks that can be connected in various configurations. Clever Frame modular stands are assembled like a Lego set, only for adults.

With these modular displays, you do not need to study thick assembly instructions; everything is intuitive. For example, the graphic block elements are assembled into a single banner with just a few moves!

We offer the fastest construction of an exhibition stand in Germany

Modular stands take no time to design. It does not take months to produce and assemble them like a conventional custom-made stand. So buying a modular booth in Germany is a real time saver. If you are planning to build a one-story exhibition stand and want to save time and money, first of all, consider the ready-made designs and constructions we can offer you as a ready-made solution.

In addition, the exhibition’s modular displays have several undeniable advantages.

Advantages of our modular stands

Variety of modular exhibition designs in a single modular trade show kit


Quick return on investment due to long-term operation

High ROI

Saving on assembly and disassembly - you can operate the modular stand yourself

Easy to build

Possibility to add an extra element without changing the entire construction

Replaceable Parts

Guarantee on all our modular systems up to 10 years

10 Years Warranty

Opportunity to save money by renting display and modular systems

Modular Display Rental

Sale of modular exhibition stands in Germany

Our team offers you the full range of services you may need to participate in a trade show in Germany:

How to purchase or rent your modular exhibition stand in Germany

Choose the booth design

The solution to buy or to rent

Registration of the deal

Sending modular system

Choose your kind of exhibition modular booth in Germany

We offer you a variety of modular systems to meet a variety of marketing and promotional needs. Choose yours depending on the size, the event you plan to attend, and your budget. We’ll tell you the best solution if you’re having trouble deciding.

Price of custom booth displays

Small Modular Booth

Small Modular Booth

  • 6x frames
  • 18x connecting elements
  • 6x graphic panel
  • 1x top 75x50cm
  • 1x trolley cover
  • 10 years guarantee
  • Discount on repeat purchases of graphics
Modular Stand 12 Frames

Modular Stand 12 Frames

  • 12x frames
  • 36x connecting elements
  • 12x graphic panel
  • 2x Upper profile
  • 4x 3-side threaded profile
  • 2x trolley cover
  • 10 years guarantee
  • Discount on repeat purchases of graphics
Exhibition Booth 18 Frames

Exhibition Booth 18 Frames

  • 18x frames
  • 52x connecting elements
  • 18x graphic panel
  • 2x upper profile
  • 4x 3-side threaded profile
  • 3x trolley cover
  • 10 years guarantee
  • Discount on repeat purchases of graphics



Quick assembly and disassembly of the modular stand in Germany

You can assemble your modular booth by yourself in a matter of hours without the help of special equipment. Save time and money with our systems. See how easy it is for our office workers.

Construction of an exhibition stand at an international exhibition in Germany

If you decide to participate in an international trade show in Germany, you are guaranteed to achieve your goals. Germany is home to the most important exhibition centers, where hundreds of landmark events occur daily. Furthermore, the developed exhibition business attracts exhibitors from all over the world because they know that participating in the trade show in Germany opens the door for business to many countries in Europe and the world.
The most significant industry events take place precisely in Germany. International congresses and exhibitions held in German cities attract many participants and visitors, introduce the latest developments in many industries and allow companies to take new steps towards further growth, establish contacts, and sign profitable contracts.

Germany has about 150 international trade fairs, which are approximately 2/3 of similar events worldwide. You can find exciting exhibition modular booths there. 

Representatives of organizations providing the organization of EXPO and exhibitions are members of the German Trade Fair Committee (AUMA) on par with representatives of supreme councils of the economy and the industrial associations of enterprises. Therefore, it could be a great idea to construct a modular exhibition stand at AUMA in Germany, wouldn´t it?

Germany’s largest exhibition centers are Dusseldorf, Cologne, Munich, Frankfurt, Hannover, Berlin, Stuttgart, Nuremberg, and Leipzig.

The calendar of exhibitions changes every year, as many events are held every 2 or 3 years.

The largest exhibition centers in German cities host events dedicated to various topics such as construction, architecture, design, furniture, metallurgy, medicine, food and beverages, baby products, stationery, advertising, etc. Some of them are among the most critical events in their industries.

For example, BAU is the largest fair of architectural solutions, building materials, and systems. It’s held in Munich every two years in January and is dedicated to building technology, ceramics and finishing materials, heating, ventilation, and lighting.

Annually in January, the International Furniture Fair IMM is held in Cologne, with architects, designers, furniture, and textile manufacturers as participants.

Every winter in Nuremberg gathers, representatives of companies engaged in developing and producing various kinds of toys, construction materials, goods for needlework, and carnival costumes. All of them are participants or visitors to the International Toy Exhibition Spielwarenmesse.
The largest industry event should be referred an International exhibition of footwear and accessories GDS, held in Dusseldorf in spring and autumn each year. You can find new shoes, bags, gloves, belts, and leather care products there.

Every year in March, representatives of companies engaged in producing air ducts, heaters, fans, pumps, and refrigerators gather in Frankfurt to participate in the prestigious International Exhibition of plumbing equipment, energy saving, energy-saving water supply, air conditioning, and ventilation, on ISH.

Cologne hosts IDS every year, the International Dental Show, which also attracts many specialists.

At the end of March, Hannover presents an EXPO of information technologies, telecommunications, IT solutions, and services. CeBIT is dedicated to software, network technologies, and information second-city novelties.

In spring in Germany in Frankfurt, there are many exciting events every two years. Among them is the International Exhibition of Light+Building.

There are lighting devices and systems, electrical equipment, bulbs, telecommunication equipment, network technologies, etc.

In April, only once every three years, Munich hosts Bauma, a trade fair for construction machinery, building machinery, mining machinery, construction, and ion equipment. It is the largest and most prestigious event in its industry.

The annual expo for industrial equipment, technology, and material, Hannover Messe, is held in April. It is the largest in its field. It presents IT solutions for industry, power plants, electric motors, batteries, and other e, exhibits of interest for specialists and consumers.

Participants of the Pipe industry, the biennial April trade fair in Düsseldorf, bring the latest technology for pipes, components, machines, machining technology, and gauges to the attention of trade visitors.

Every two years in May, Hannover hosts Ligna, one of the most significant events for the woodworking machinery and equipment industry. So why not build the modular exhibition stand there?

At the same time and in the same month, Munich plays host to the International Expo for Water Treatment, Recycling, and Waste Management (IFAT). The topic of the event is of current interest to the international community.

At the end of May, Nuremberg hosts InterZoo, the International Pet Products Show every two years. It demonstrates items necessary for the maintenance and care of pets: dogs, cats, fish, birds, rodents, and horses, as wands and ell as medicine, and food for pets.

Less often, only once every four years, Düsseldorf becomes the site for the most prominent international exhibition of the printing, paper, and packaging industry Drupa. Its exhibits include machines and equipment for the printing, age processing, bookbinding, inks, packaging materials, and much more.
These are not all the trade shows your company can participate in.

Ready to represent your company at one of the trade shows? Write to us, and you will have the best solution for a trade show in Germany.

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