Island booths for the trade show

Island booths are exhibit booths TM Clever Frame that are separate from other booths and are accessible to visitors from all four sides of the exhibits. It looks like an island structure from the outside, which is why it got its name.

The island booths are more expensive than the other options of trade show booth display kits. Renting space for this kind of stand will also be more expensive. However, the high price is justified by the high attendance at such a booth. More people come to an island booth because traffic is provided from all sides, and usually, such structures have non-standard shapes. 

Versions of island modular stands TM Clever Frame

The standard conventional size of island booths can be 6×6 meters. But since each showroom has its scope and floor plan, we can’t claim that this is the only correct parameter for island booths. Most often, this type of exhibition booth has a square shape. You can order a custom exhibition modular display if you wish.

The size of the ceiling limits the height of the island booths in the hall. However, often one can see suspended elements above such constructions, attracting attention even from the farthest corner of the exhibition complex. Our sales managers can help you choose the fair island booth from our modular exhibition system kits.

Modular displays price

Small Modular Booth

Small Modular Booth

  • 6x frames
  • 18x connecting elements
  • 6x graphic panel
  • 1x top 75x50cm
  • 1x trolley cover
  • 10 years guarantee
  • Discount on repeat purchases of graphics
Modular Stand 12 Frames

Modular Stand 12 Frames

  • 12x frames
  • 36x connecting elements
  • 12x graphic panel
  • 2x Upper profile
  • 4x 3-side threaded profile
  • 2x trolley cover
  • 10 years guarantee
  • Discount on repeat purchases of graphics
Exhibition Booth 18 Frames

Exhibition Booth 18 Frames

  • 18x frames
  • 52x connecting elements
  • 18x graphic panel
  • 2x upper profile
  • 4x 3-side threaded profile
  • 3x trolley cover
  • 10 years guarantee
  • Discount on repeat purchases of graphics

You may want to consider purchasing modular island booths. You can use such a system repeatedly at various events because the system’s elements can be assembled in many design options for exhibition stands. This is a justified investment in marketing that works.

You can also order booths from us if you plan one-time participation in the event and want to present your products or services at the exhibition effectively. It is the easiest way to participate in a trade show and allows you to build a state-of-the-art exhibit, even in complex island booths. In addition, we can help you make a booth unique and eye-catching to visitors.

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The cost of modular display systems

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