We make modular exhibition stands

Modular stands save time and resources.

We distribute modular exhibition systems  TM Clever Frame that you can use at all trade fairs. MES.S.E. offers a constructive solution that you can maintain yourself without additional costs.

Ready-made modular stands and solutions for trade fairs are a set of elements from which you or with our support can assemble a modular expo booth that suits your business’s purpose. It is as easy as putting together a tower of cubes!

All elements of modular exhibit booths TM Clever Frame are compatible. You can change them in any order and at your discretion. This gives you even more flexibility to use one single modular system for your diverse marketing needs. The payback on our modular stands is easy to calculate. Every time you use our modular design, its cost of production goes down and your revenue goes up. It’s the best solution for those companies who know the value of money.

MESSE modular display systems

Where you can use our modular stands


Build your own display in a short period of time


Deploy the conference display anywhere and anytime


Quickly assemble the portable display counter and start trading


Use our display solution to promote advertising campaigns

Modular exhibition systems can be used for any purpose. You can use our display kits at trade fairs to build exhibition stands of any size, height, or design. Our constructions look great and are effective at different trade fairs and places where you need to demonstrate your products. Any promotional activities and BTL events will be much more effective with our modular stands. 

You can use prefabricated structures TM Clever Frame to organize space for presentations or conferences. They can be conveniently used both for building big fully functional stages for conferences and other events, and for creating comfortable small space to demonstrate your services or products. Our modular exhibition systems can be used as a modular dj booth. Wherever you need a modular panel booth, you can use our designs. Once you buy a set of modular systems, you can use them in many variations and for any purpose. Regardless of whether you choose portable trade show booth display or a standard modular booth, we guarantee their lightness, mobility and durability. 

Do you need an add-on element for your modular stands? -Simply visit our online store and order everything you need without any hassle.
A point of sale with modular display stands is the right choice if you want to hold a sales roadshow. Demonstrate your products on the territory of a large shopping complex using our unique modular trade equipment. Modern design and ergonomic solutions will fit in any space and guarantee to attract client’s attention.



Modular stands from the manufacturer

We offer to produce modular stands for trade fairs directly from the best manufacturers. We offer modular display rental

Our company “MES.S.E.” provides additional exhibition management services for your participation in trade fairs. We create amazing exhibition graphics always meeting your order just in time.

Modular display systems TM Clever Frame are available in a huge number of interesting designs. Our designers offer various variants of the design of modular stands, you can choose the design you like: from our variants or your individual, one made to order. After that, we install and dismantle a modular exhibition system for you in the shortest possible time. Fast, reliable, tested by years of work!

You can transform our modular stands for another design for the next exhibition. Alternatively, you can use these modular systems for other marketing purposes by removing or replacing unnecessary elements. If you have no place to store your modular stand, we can provide you with a service of responsible storage of exhibition stands.

Everything is easy to transform and reshape to suit your promotional needs. It has never been easier to change the design and construction in the shortest amount of time! You can even rent led screen panels from us so you don’t have to look for contractors elsewhere.

Advantages of our modular stands

Variety of modular exhibition designs in a single modular trade show kit


Quick return on investment due to long-term operation

High ROI

Saving on assembly and disassembly - you can operate the modular stand yourself

Easy to build

Possibility to add an extra element without changing the entire construction

Replaceable Parts

Guarantee on all our modular systems up to 10 years

10 Years Warranty

Opportunity to save money by renting display and modular systems

Modular Display Rental

How we work on the creation of your modular system

The client chooses from a variety of designs, or orders a unique one
Approval and printing of graphics
Packaging and shipping the system to the recipient
Providing additional services if needed
After-sales service

Choose the booth design

The solution to buy or to rent

Registration of the deal

Sending modular system

inline modular display order

Types of modular display systems

Pop-up exhibition stands

rent modular corner display europe

Pop-up display boards

inline modular stand buy in europe

Promotional counters

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Happy Clients

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The cost of modular display systems

Write your contacts and we will contact you within 30 minutes about your project. Choose whether you prefer to buy a modular trade show booth or rent modular stands for booths.

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